Smart Travels Europe - Pledge Premiums

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Six DVDs and six VHS home videos, 2 or 3 episodes per DVD or tape, $24.95 each: 
Athens & Delphi / Greek Islands; French Riviera / Burgundy & Loire; Berlin / Munich & Bavaria; Vienna & The Danube / Salzburg & The Lakes District; Milan & Lake Como / Sicily Classical Europe / Renaissance Europe / Europe’s Getaways.    

DVDs have substantial added-value bonuses including consumer travel advice from Rudy Maxa.

Also, Series I companion book: Smart Travels.TV, 160 pages with 100+ subject related websites, and numerous articles by series host, Rudy Maxa.  $16.95 each. 

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Rudy Maxa is available for on-air pledging—contact Small World. 

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60-or 90-min. VHS home videos $7.50 each, station price
30-min. VHS home videos $6 each,  station price
100+ min. DVDs with 2 or 3 episodes plus added-value material $7.50 each, station price
DVD six-pack with 26 Smart Travels episodes and extras  $16.50
Series One Companion Books $7.50 each, station price
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