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Bologna, Emilia Romanga, & Great Italian Music

The folk music featured in this show is composed and performed by the Italian band Gruppo Emiliano. Find out more about the group or contact them at www.gruppoemiliano.it.. The classical music featured in the show was written by Antonio Vivaldi for his choral work Gloria in D Major, RV589.


Tamburini, Home of fine Bolognese Cuisine top

Bologna’s location on the trade route between Florence and Venice meant that visitors came and went, bringing with them recipes and ingredients, and spreading the word about the food. We’re stopping at Tamburini, Bologna’s shrine to local cuisine. This is Emilia Romagna condensed into one of the finest food shops in the world.

At Tamburini you can eat yourself silly or have your favorite delicacy vacuum sealed for transport.


Information on U.S. Customs regulations for food products can be found here. This information is part of a handy Know Before You Go on-line brochure for anyone bringing items back to the United States from abroad.


Balsamic Vinegar: It's not what you think... top

The Modena area is famous for its balsamic vinegar. The Ca dal Non Acetaia, just south of town, produces this liquid gold. Abandon all notions of what vinegar tastes like when you try aceto tradizionale. This sweet, complex syrup barely resembles its namesake.

To make this special Balsamic Vinegar, the grape juice is fermented, then aged in a series of barrels from large to small. The different varieties of barrels give the vinegar its character. The vinegar is stored in an attic, or an acetaia (pronounced ah-chet-eye-ah).

To get this special appellation, tradizionale, the vinegar has age at least 12 years. And to be called extravecchio (extra-veck-ee-oh) – extra old, it is aged at least 25 years. It comes with quite a price tag, but the taste is something out of this world.

AcetoLook for this bottle and packaging for genuine Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena:


To purchase your very own bottle, contact the Ca dal Non Acetaia by e-mail. You can also order on-line from other producers. Find out more about traditional balsamic vinegar at www.balsamic.com.


Caseificio Razionale Novese:
Home to wheels of Cheese top


Many Parmigiano Reggiano producers are open for visits in the early morning. To set up a visit, check out the region's Visit Guide.


The Mosaics of Ravenna top

In the mid 500’s, artisans from the East crafted the splendid mosaics in the church of San Vitale. They combine a long tradition of Roman mosaics with the Eastern love for brilliant color. The mosaics stand out as some of the last great works from the ancient world—and some of the first Christian images.

Portraits of the Eastern emperor Justinian and his wife, Theodora, adorn the apse. Daughter of a bear keeper in the amphitheater in Constantinople and a dancer, Theodora is said to have lived a wild life as a courtesan before she met Justinian. The scenes and stories of the mosaics play out against a delicate backdrop of natural beauty.


For more mosaics in Ravenna visit Sant’ Apollinare Nuovo and Sant’Apollinare in Classe. Visit www.turismo.ravenna.it for more information about the church of San Vitale. While you're on-line, check out maps and virtual tours of Ravenna's historical sights.


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There are no Monet originals here, but the gift shop sells reproductions. For more information about Monet's home at Giverny, visit www.giverny.org.

Manoir Apreval Calvados is aged in oak from 2 to 30 years. For more information about Manoir d'Apreval, visit www.apreval.com.

An excellent listing of restaurants is available at www.jre.net. For more information about Le Pavé d'Auge restaurant, visit