Rudy's List of Weird & Fav Web Sites So you made a new friend overseas, where sign language and smiles helped bridge a language gap. But you want to stay in touch. This instant translation site converts what your write in English into German, French, Russian, Spanish or Portuguese. And vice versa. Flying somewhere? Don’t get stuck in a middle of the last row near the lavatories with a seat that won’t recline on your next flight. Do your homework here instead and reserve a good seat when you make a reservation. It’s the latest in wedding gifts—contributing to a couple’s honeymoon. Sometimes a massage at a five-star hotel is a lot better than a blender. A passenger was once stuck on an airplane toilet set for two hours after flushing the vacuum-powered toilet. A man floated three miles above Los Angels in a lawn chair tethered to a helium-filled balloon. True or false? Click on “TRAVEL” at this site about urban legends for the answer. No one should have to pay for high-speed, wireless access to the Internet while traveling. Before a trip, check out this on-line director of places that’ll let you go on line for no charge with your laptop or PDA. Absolutely every last thing you wanted to know about airline food, including nearly 12,000 photos of meals on 444 airlines. You can contribute, too, as long as you take careful notes. An amazing archive of little-known facts about chow aloft. Want to see how the world turns by the second? This site ticks off the birth of every human, the number of bicycles being produced as you watch, the cumulative hours everyone in the world has waited for an Internet page to load so far this year, and much, much more. You can even set a date 50 years in the future and see how the numbers change. Always wanted to date a pilot? This web site is targeted mainly at airline personnel looking for love, but there’s no reason you can’t sign on (it’s free) and browse. Remember, marry an airline employee, travel for free.