The Maxa List of the Ten Biggest Travel Mistakes
1. Over planning or under planning. Know when your favorite museum is open, but leave time for serendipity. Great memories often start when you chuck your travel schedule.

2. Not having photocopies of all your documents. And you don’t need me to tell you why to carry photocopies.

3. Seeing your destination through the eyepiece of a video camera. Buy a DVD or two instead.

4. Worries about getting lost—I think you should get lost! You’ll have great stories to tell.

5. Packing too much—you can get along just fine without a hairdryer—I do. Obviously.

6. Uncomfortable clothes or shoes—dress for comfort, not for show. Just the same, your alma mater t-shirt may be comfy for a city walk, but is it really suitable attire for a fancy dinner or a night-at-the-opera? Try to dress comfortably and appropriately. It can be done.

7. A "cheap" mind-set—If I spend big $$$ to get there, why deny myself the perks of being there? I try to "travel in style for less." An occasional splurge is OK—even necessary!

8. Non-stop shopping—travel is so much more than souvenirs and a smoking credit card.

9. Worries about being ripped off—use your head, take the usual precautions and "fuggedabowdit."

10. Sleeping late—OK, it’s a vacation, but make every minute count. I can sleep when I’m home.