Some of Rudy's Favorite Restaurants


Amsterdam, Netherlands
Rijsttafel, which literally means "rice table", is a banquet of rice or noodles with countless spicy side dishes. Restaurant Puri Mas, located in Amsterdam's Leidseplein neighborhood, serves some of the tastiest risttafel in town.
Brussels, Belgium
Le Falstaff Restaurant offers the robustness of Shakespeare's tale along with mounds of local mussels cooked in wine sauce, and served with piles of fries. The visitor's dilemma lies in deciding which of the 300 Belgian beers should enhance the traditional meal....


The Tamarind Restaurant is one of my favorites. Located in London's Mayfair district, it serves up a bounty of enticing North Indian-style dishes.


Rothenburg, Germany
At The Glocke Restaurant you'll find light menus of fish from the North Sea to accompany the region's dry white wines.
Prague, Czech Republic
The Pilsen Restaurant serves up mouthwatering platters of hearty Czech food...and steins of the world famous Pilsner beer.
Zurich, Switzerland
The famous Kronenhalle offers the best views in town - of art work, that is. You can see original works by Mark Chagall, Joan Miro, and Georges Braques from the comfort of your own table. The restaurant also happens to serve some of Zurich's best cuisine.


Athens, Greece
Preparing simple yet delicious food using fresh, raw ingredients has always been a Greek specialty. The hot new Aristeria Dexia restaurant offers traditional recipes with a contemporary twist, and a dizzying selection of wines from their wine cellar.
Budapest, Hungary
Karpatia Restaurant dishes up some of the best traditional Hungarian fare in town. Here, you're serenaded by Gypsy music... as you slake your hunger with succulent pork, tender chicken, and rich sauces.
Mali Ston, Croatia
Mali Ston is a little fishing village with a bay rich in oyster and mussel beds. All kinds of fish, mussels, and oysters are featured in the town restaurants. My pick? Vila Koruna.


Le Charlemagne is set spectacularly in a sea of vineyards not far from Beaune. Chef Laurent Peugeot prepares an appetizer with lobster and escargot that's topped with a poached egg.
At the Michelin celebrated Pave d'Auge, Chef Jerome Bansard whips up a simple Norman dish—chicken cooked with apples, apple cider, and fresh cream.
One of the premiere restaurants on the Riviera happens to be in Eze, right on the cliffs! At the glorious Chateau de la Chevre d’Or, if the sea views don't bowl you over, the cuisine certainly will. Chef Jean Marc Delacourt, who recently earned a second Michelin star for the restaurant, prepares a lobster appetizer with great attention to presentation.
Les Bouquinistes is a small, trendy restaurant with light, flavorful fare. Chef William LeDeuil is partnered with one of the most famous Parisian chefs, Guy Savoy.
At the renowned Reims restaurant, Les Crayeres, the chef and the wine steward plan a different champagne with each delicious course.


Restaurant Rosa is a few miles from Portofino in the town of Camogli. Here, locals recommend the pesto, made with parmesan, pine nuts, olive oil, and basil fresh from the garden. They're right - it's utterly delectable.
Ladispoli (Rome)
At La Posta Vechia, the Parisian trained chef sculpts incredible works of art like his variation on a mozzarella and tomato salad. For dessert... fresh papaya and canoli stuffed with cream. Oh my!
Cantinone Storico specializes in traditional Venetian food like this risotto with scampi and artichokes. Owner Alessandro Tridenti tells me that if he can please Venetians, he can please anyone. The risotto melts in your mouth.


Klampenborg, Denmark
Restaurant Jacobsen is a study in Danish modern. The famous architect Arne Jacobsen designed the building, and the décor reflects his innovative style. Of course, the food is exquisite; a blend of Modern Italian with French and Danish cuisine.
Oslo, Norway
Just outside the city center, the hip new Bar Og Restaurant uses fresh, local ingredients, such as halibut and reindeer, prepared with a little modern panache.
Stockholm, Sweden
If a traditional meal with international flair strikes your fancy, check out the Ulla Winbladh Restaurant. Like everything else in Stockholm, food preparation is done in simple yet elegant style.


At the restaurant Estrella de Plata, you'll sample several delicious bites of all the best dishes in a gourmet restaurant. Tapas are delightful samples that often come in two sizes, small and large. The choices are seemingly endless—fish, vegetables, meat—a bite sized piece of heaven.
Las Cuevas de Luis Candelas (or the Caves of Luis Candelas) is one of Madrid's oldest taverns. The restaurant serves up the kind of hearty, grilled dishes that once satisfied the stonemasons who built this restaurant's sturdy walls. The house specialty is the suckling pig that takes three hours to prepare.